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Kelly Djernes, PT, DPT

Director of Physical Therapy

Dr. Kelly Djernes has always been fascinated by the awe-inspiring complexity of human anatomy. She believes our bodies are designed to move and have an amazing capacity to heal themselves when trained to move properly. Dr. Djernes earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and has been practicing outpatient physical therapy in the Omaha area since 2012. She enjoys helping people regain their prior level of function and return to the activities they love.

During her pregnancy and postpartum phase with her first daughter, Dr. Djernes felt a calling to help other women navigate the unique physical challenges that accompany motherhood. She went on to complete specialized training in the evaluation and treatments of pelvic floor conditions through the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and completed her certification in Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy through the American Physical Therapy Association in 2018. Dr. Djernes believes that mothers have miraculous, life-giving bodies that are often neglected due to the demands of parenting. It is her mission to educate and empower pregnant and postpartum women to rediscover fitness and strength in their new bodies.

Dr. Djernes has been blessed with a loving husband, Nick, and their rambunctious daughters, Brenna and Adelynn. Together they enjoy exploring the great outdoors, reading storybooks (but mostly just ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ over and over again), making messes, and performing musical numbers to an audience of stuffed animals.

Sami Herbster, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Sami Herbster is a professional and highly skilled Physical Therapist with a passion for health and healing. She brings 19 years of experience in health and wellness and an impressive educational background to her professional work. More important, however, is her deeply-rooted desire to understand the human condition in both body and mind. She received a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy as well as a B.S. in Communication and Business from Creighton University.

Dr. Sami works to redefine the approach to physical therapy through innovation and empowerment. She believes the true miracle of the human body and mind, is that they contain all of the tools needed to not only survive, but thrive in a world of obstacles. As a specialist in Postural Restoration and an eternal student, she never stops learning and seeking new ways to help others live a life of health and happiness.

Jennifer Colgrove, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Dr. Jen has always been interested in how things fit together to work, move, and finding combinations of exercise. She has experience rehab-ing patients to regain functional activities and continue with fall prevention programs. She graduated from Creighton University in 2012.

Dr. Jen’s mission is to help patients meet their highest functional potential. She enjoys digging deep and really getting to know each patient to individualize treatment plans and find the source of dysfunction. She has a special focus in fall prevention, but treats patients from many different backgrounds and conditions.

Dr. Jen and her husband of 12 years have one active daughter who helps take care of all the family pets which include 20 chickens, three dogs, two ducks, and one cat. They live on a small acreage in the Loess Hills and enjoy hiking in the back forest, gardening, church activities, and serving others.