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What is Therapeutic Massage?

At Essentials Natural Family Health our therapists offer Therapeutic Massage. Therapeutic Massage is a combination of one or more massage modalities used to achieve optimal outcomes; such as lowering stress, increasing circulation, reducing pain and tension, or working on a specific complaint-such as Plantar Fascitis or Tennis Elbow.

Each therapeutic massage will consist of massage modalities and techniques specific to each client. Modalities can include any of the following; Deep Tissue (the most common type of massage), Trigger Point therapy, Reiki, Healing Touch (for cancer patients, elderly or terminally ill) MyoKinesthetics, Stretching, Thai, Hot Stone, Swedish massage, Pregnancy or Fertility massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology etc. Modalities used during a session are dependent upon the clients preferences, concerns, current health conditions and health history.

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